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Welcome. Below is our story so far. You can watch the video or scroll down for more

Wikihouse is an open source construction kit that lets anyone create, download and ‘print’ houses and other components that can be assembled easily without the need for formal skills or training.


It was created by Alastair Parvin & Nick Ierodiaconou and their collaborators. Alastair and Nick are designers at 00:/ (‘zero zero’), a studio based in London that practices radical innovation: opening up new economies, new forms of production and building new social operating systems for the 21st century.

Today there are lots of wikihouses all over the world




Dinho and Jimmy got together with Nick and Alastair to see if it would be possible to bring Wikihouse to Rio

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Dinho is the founder of Dharma, a communications and social impact agency based in Rio. Dharma works to mobilise youth from the suburbs and favelas of the city to enhance creativity, prosperity, entrepreneurship and citizenship. Jimmy set up i-see global as a way to stimulate more thinking and doing for a rebalancing planet. He is the co-author of How to Fix the World a book and research project exploring institutional redesign.


Together they won a prize from TED and the City 2.0 prize to build an open source and creative learning laboratory in Rio.


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Su joined the team and over the course of 2014 we have been working to build a team that can help us maximise the potential of Wikihouse in the city. e are really pleased that we have got two perfect partners to help us complete the mission.

Estúdio Guanabara are a collective that though collaborative processes tries to investigante, develop and construct methodologies, objects, buildings and cities.

Apart from the technical expertise that they bring to the project, they are working to modify and adapt wikihouse so that it is able to take on the challenges and opportunities that Rio and Brazil present.


Our Home Makerspace (OHMS), a pioneering makerspace in Rio, has come on board to help us build an open source, low-cost CNC router and also develop, context-relevant, open hardware systems, first prototyped for Wikihouse 4.0.


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